Learning instead of Loving

As a human, its a normal if you have one thing precious in your life. Loving something irreplacable. You just too comfortable with it, so you won’t pay those thing with new one. But the only one you should know if every thing in life won’t be yours for everlasting, cause God will take it at a second.

So what the most you’ve to know is.
I don’t know how many times i spell this word. Releasing is about how to cast loose yours easily. How to heartfelt your own!
The question is, its not as easy as it spell!

Yes, its exist for someone. Ahahay!
Well, i know that relationship is needed. In a right time with right man. So When i felt that this guy is right, but actually is not. What should i do then? Release!

From my deepeeeeeest heart i believe if one day, Allah will find me in the pieces of broken heart and then He will match me to someone!
Yes just say now if life is all about learning. I love you, i want you. But i’ll take the right way. At least i’ll love you by learning. So i’ve to learn and learn. Yes, all i know is learning is the only way i could, instead of loving.


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