Its like you’re my mirror.

Have you ever felt at once, you do your best just because there’s somethin you want to prove to? Since i met this guy and listened all of his advices all the time that we spent together. I’ll try to do my best in everythings, everytimes and everyplaces. Like one day, when he just left me out, i’ve got a call to come as a members in one team i never knew before. I accept it. I came as a girl who did’nt know about everythings. But one thing i knew, i’ve do my best. I’ve do what i have to do. Because he always said it to me, that we were born with our speciality, especially us. I swear, i present my best to him. His advices, his warn, his anger, his love and to times that we spent it off. After, i cried a lot. Why he just too meaning for me, who is he actually God? May i swore to him and please don’t play with my heart. Cause you perfectly stole my heart in perfect way. I couldn’t get him anymore. He just so meant for me. Us.
One time, every person in this world will find their mirror. Finaly they will. You will get your mirror after you meet with million people in this stage of life. So don’t ever act so introvert with somenone, cause there’s a ‘no’ for destiny. The differences will make you find what you want in your life. Differences not always comes wrong. For me, this is the point of my life when i could reach new level in life. I never regret even just for a thing happened in my life. Its all about learning.
Dear, even now or one day destiny won’t be a friend to us. Trust, that good things never comes wrong. We already made a good times. Be a better person. Trust each other as a very good bestfriend in bad and good time. laugh and cried together. Pass the hardest time. and thousand moments left. As you said that we are the reason why we grow up better than before. Faith is one of it. Our different faith is our power to push ourselve love our own more than before. I trust it so much. So keep move on. If you do your best, i’ll do the same too. Cause its like you’re my mirror.


One thought on “Its like you’re my mirror.

  1. iya, itu prinsip optimis yang bagus. Percaya bahwa kita sendiri itu adalah individu yang spesial. Tidak biasa-biasa saja. Jadi semuanya juga istimewa.

    Mungkin sekarang ini juga. Spesial berbeda. Berbeda yang beda dari beda yang lainnya.

    Selamat malam tik.
    12 Juni 2013. 23:39 WITA. Lagi benerin wawancara skripsi tentang ruang publik lapangan puputan badung, denpasar, bali.

    Inget ini yaa.. :*

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