Twenty Two

Dear Life.

Todays was so different.
A year comes up to my life and i feel older than before.
Yes, now im 22!

Wow, i couldn’t believe if finally life still comes up and gave me chances to coloring them.
Day by day. They look up to me and still give me space to fix and learn at the same time.
Hello 22.

People says if everythings start on 22. Everythings.
Time to realize if life staring at me and try to find me, who am i for sure.
Yes one thing. I should awake, wide awake cause i’m not young anymore. Its hard to say that ways, but unfortunately i can’t escape for my age, right?

Should i leave my back? yes of course.
I mean, thanks life and all experiences behind, but tomorrow still a mystery and ready to buy!

There are thousands hopes for my 22.
Graduation, Career, and Love.
Yes, everythings just like beginning of my future, so i’ve to think hard for my 22.

In this birthday.
Friends and lovers staring around.
That was more than gift for me, their present just too meaningfull.
I feel so blessed. 

Life’s getting hard, mature is needed, loves become real.
Are you ready to face it?
Make it happy is the best answer for those questions.

One things i learned from a year behind if releasing something is never easy as it seems, it need a big sacrifice to let something gone for the real hapiness.
So, if you could did it. Yes, probably you already get the real maturity in your life.
Cause life is not about regreting somethin, but its all about how to say thanks with all the things we get as a gift.

Welcome Twenty Two :’)

3 thoughts on “Twenty Two

  1. happy birthday ya tik. memang diumur yang sudah 22 tahun ternyata masih banyak misteri hidup yg belum terpecahkan.kuncinya adalah belajar. diingat-ingat lagi bahwa hidup itu adalah kesediaan untuk belajar dari dan dengan dengan siapapun. hiduplah.

    life is never easy as it seems. aku suka bagian itu. memang kemudahan yg diberikan tuhan terkadang menjadi cobaan yg luar biasa sulit utk dilalui. Sacrifice.

    dimanapun dan kapanpun setidaknya di linimasa 22 tahunmu aku ikut mewarnai euforia kebahagianmu. aku juga jadi senang.

    komentar ini ditulis dari samung. senin 8 april 2013 pukul 23.52

  2. Selamat datang usia 22 th. Semoga dirimu semakin matang, dewasa dan sukses selalu dlm menghadapi misteri kehidupan kedepan. Aamiin (PWG)

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