thats why we live!

hmmm. actually theres nothing special to write it down. cause i didnt have any idea for what things that could be interested to write. and those the idea i guess.

i just shorted and read my close friend blog, Salman. i swear i feel so guilty. i just knew his feeling to her after all this time. i feel like i didn’t put the attention to him, yes salman is like an angel for me. especially in academic stuff. i owe to him. 
so if you want to know him closer, please visit his blog!
for me, its totally awesome stories, he could succesfully explain his story of life with teoritic side!

and i thought its enough about Slaman, cause its a bitterheart, knew that he never write my name in his page, except;

Setelah tugasnya selesai, tiga orang teman gw pulang, satu orang teman gw ketemuan sama selingkuhannya, dan satu orang lagi tetap ditempat tersebut untuk menunggu dijemput pacarnya.

Yes exactly!

hemmm, today is a move-on day
cause finally i started my 1st way to get the graduation. called form1. btw, its so far from graduation. 
at least, i started to do somethin 🙂

well the point of this page are…
life is never easy as it seems.
as a human, God always give us a problems. cause God give us brain to use, so if we live in the world like we want, why we live?

family, friends, boyfriends…they come and go…
we learned a lot from those relationship…
and differences is not a prohibitionway to learn something, im sure it is 🙂

there’s nothing left to say.
except, i don’t wanna miss a thing :’)

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