Have you ever dreamin? 
or have a very litte dream but its hard to reach?
yes i have it and i made it 🙂

Ketika guemasih kecil, gue memang suka tampil. no matter what happen, if my teacher asked someone to perform in front, im the one who say yes! for the most, SING!
ya aku suka sekali bernyanyi.

well, im sure that i didnt have a gold voice, cause basically my voice is have short range. but i dont care, i do really like sing and wanna be a singer someday. in the other side, my father always asked me to sing in front when we attended some little even like birthday party or another meeting. but you know, i dont have any confidence to show mine…

okay, until someday.
i met a very very kind person named Made Bhela Sanji Buana.
lets sat that he’s my clostest friends. 
we met in a project in the last semester for student called KKN. yes, he is a guitarist. and from the 1st time i know him, its like. Yes!!! in 30 days forwards i could sing with him.
and its my luck, cause one day he said that i have a ‘uniqe’ voice.
im so happy to hear it.
and yes, just like i said. I spent 30days with singing everyday with him…

but still. i want to sing in a stage.
front of people.

then finally, now he made my dreams.
yes, he and his friends (my best friend for sure) Lanang Sumarjana asked me to be vocalist in their band. WOHOOO!!
at 1st i dont have any confidence, but they treated me very well.

im so happy actually. 
even when we just “jamming” in Lanang’s room. the atmosphere was so nice. 
and its been long time im waitin for this moment, and they made it to me.

im so glad when they offered me to sing my favorite song.
oh Gosh, i really love them.
im so luck i could know them as my friends cause the really supported me to sing!
and i also had a verey best friend who always stayed beside me. DINI ARISTA!

okay, let say that on that night. i feel that im the luckiest girl.
loves around.
Dini. Bhela. Lanang and Mas Widi.

okay. and i listed the songs. till we decided that we gonna play 5 songs. Lebih Indah, Pilih Saja Aku, Live High. Love Story and Geek In The Pink.

and the day has come.
our dresscode is BLACK! Black for outfit!

i cant lie that im so nervous, even theres only few people. 
but yes this is my 1st…

okay over all.
everythings is well.
Bhela said that he gave me 76 for my performance. NOT BAD :))

Yes, im so thank for Bhela and friends.
kind of youre my dream. 
Finally i caould sing on a stage. sing a very stupid song called Geek in The Pink succesfully :))

well, terimakasih terimakasih.
sampai kapan aja. saya akan selalu mengingat kamu dan kalian as my first band. as my first motivator. as my first real friends. 


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