hi first of June, y u no surprise was always came unpredictable…
so what kind of surprise?
nothing special, but behind John Mayer came into my life so deeply, and all of those songs made my mind upside down, every single words of his songs is kind of…. pain..

when summer was over, we waiting for autumn, yes another autumn. summer was already gave so much lesson in our life, summer was always came simple but meaningfull. and those dream become less and less.

yes, both of us, all of us only have plan, but actually all of story in each chapter already became our destiny…
im in the other side of this city. lookin outside the window. said something to the moon, half moon such as twilight. cover my body with loose white shirt. no one heard my voice, cause my heart screamed more and more, express what i feel now…

i felt theres another part in this side who lookin at me, so deep… i felt that in this time, i was the most beautifull girl in this world, i was the most precious thing in this whole of earth… nothing words can said..

may i have time machine, so i could flying high without any wall who preclude me.. so i could imagine what i want… without any fuckin risk i have to face forward…
i just want you come and lay here with me without any words, cause i just scared that i will rude the whole day…

gosh, if i could i really want to have my own wingsm and fly high in all of places i want to visit.
i really have no idea for what i write for, cause this mind fly so high more than jet or any plane…
i just want to see my dream..
and i hope, it wont be dreamless.


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