Czech Republic :)

Heloooo lifeeee, how are you!!!
can i just saying that i miss my blog so damn much?
i think a lot of things i passed without recorded it by my blog….
okay, theres no late! :)))

what i have to say now? okay lets start to talked about my internship!
yah i will start!

hmmmmmm… it was pleasure for me cause i had a chance to get internship in Czech Republic, which is one country in Europe! what an amazing! and i realized that it was greatest moment in my life!

cause finally i can touchdown EUROPE! i can feel what snow is looks like! i can feel how cold 0 degrees is! wohooo, sometimes i feel that it was my big dream! yes, big dream come true!

yah AIESEC as my fasilitator for this internship, what am i doin there? its all about culture stuff, INDONESIA! how to introduce Indonesia in some school in Czech Republic, and lived for 2 months in a city called OSTRAVA! started from basic scholl until high school! and the fact is, a lot of students and people in Europe have no idea about Indonesia??? even, some students asked me very brilliant questions! DO YOU HAVE ANY COMPUTER, INTERNET and MOBILE PHONE in INDONESIA????
its a bit problem i guess.
but yaah, thats why i came there for! how to make them realize and open their mind if Indonesia is one of beautifull country in this world! noted that guys, and im sure that you guys agreed about that! isn’t it? :p

Generally, the story about my project about : how to introduce Indonesian Culture to the entire of Europe is worked!
and for sure, am not the only person who came there, i have a very nice team. They are Happy from China, Mariam from Georgia, Lysan from Canada, Dasha from Russia, and also Jana, Chen, Ayse, and Rika from Japan. They’re my friends there 🙂

yah, our students… They already excited with our presentatition about our country, and of course Indonesia. a lot of stuff i brought from Indonesia and showed to them. and it made me so proud being Indonesian, cause almost of my students said that Indonesia is beautifull, and i hope so :p 
and you know some of media, television and newspaper in Czech Republic recorded us, wohoo suddenly we were so FAMOUS! :))))
so i could say that my project was SUCCESFULL!!!

another story is about my hostfam…
i just cant say anything about them, they just too perfect for me. they’re just too nice for me. i had FIVE new family in Czech Republic.
started from JJ family in Pist, Hlucin, Lucie and Thomas family in Poruba, Natalie, Mischa in Opava and of course Matej Family in Hrabovska :’)
i learned a lot from this internship, i love my family there…

how they taking care of me as their child, how they always gave me the best services… they always prepared everythings well. i never expected if they would be nice like this… im so spechleess.
i felt like im home, i felt that Ostrava and all of my place ive been live with was my second home…
and i hope that someday i can go back and visit all of my family in Ostrava, Hlucin, Poruba and also Hrabovska…

lesson learned after finished my internship are…
i learned about how to more independent, i just realize that its not easy to live without anyone who has the same background with us. how to handle everythings by yourself. how to adapted with new friends and they are from different culture, you must so carefull, because sometimes it will be problem for you…

i learned to listen more than talk. you know, one things that i appreciate from Europe and my friends there its they’re very good listener, when we talked or when we have speech in front, they will pay attention for you. they will give you applause after, they will shake or sometimes hug you and its just reaction because they’re very apreciate the speaker. they’re really respect for differences. it doesnt matter if you came from different religion, ethnics, or anything else. they will respect all of differences. and for sure, theres no jokes AT ALL about physics! it really doesnt matter if you have bright or dark skin. big or small size of body! they wouldnt make it as jokes! i can guarantee about my statement…

and the most important is…
as i came back from Europe to Indonesia, i love Indonesia more more more than before…
i just realized that we can find anythings! ANYTHINGST that we want in our country! 
Eropa gak lebih bagus kok dari Indonesia! 🙂
You know that people there was so excited for Indonesia, for our culture, for our nature… all the things in Indonesia was so nice…
So, why we alwasy make western as our pattern? we already have it, it just how we can improve and make inovation to PROVE that Indonesia is really nice.
i started to respect all of my culture in Indonesia, from SABANG until MERAUKE!
i started to not laugh with the different acsen (aksen) between our language, because its our HERITAGE!

actually theres a lot of things that i really want to share, but suddenly it just too much…
my last message is : 

let make your big movement! 


One thought on “Czech Republic :)

  1. It´s perfect Tika 🙂 … i read it all, and it´s fantasticly written 🙂 … we will go to Indonesia really soon 🙂 … Matt

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