yippie, aku berhasil menangkap waktu ini 😀
lagi, aku suka bagian ini, duduk, no work, just got my fingers writing some text continues 🙂

its not a great day, maybe ther were some noise, from friend, family, yeahhh this tears got down when i’d heard some bad news from aunty, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
cuma bisa bilang pasrah aja deh sekarang, lagi lagi memang a thing called ‘tomorrow’ was a surprising!

nothing special, college, home ehhmm but i met my boyfie

did you know honey ‘aku benar-benar menunggu waktu kita bisa bertemu’

i dont hope anything or somethin more than just we met, in my blog before i have explain it all, so, what do you think? i don’t think so >> anything!

the first time in our 4month, you didnt say ‘miss me’, i know it was a simple, bahkan sesuatu yg ga penting untuk dipermasalahkan, but, i have somethin missing, yeaahhh cause in my decision, it became my habbits accepted ur missing greeting 🙂 hehehe lagi lagi am still a girl, sorry for sure 😦

random, gaktau

im just happy ur still beside me and guess that am still yours.
sometimes, yeah i need a praise or just, please entertain me or calming me down when i’ve got darkside, or somethin that i’ve made for just need ur care, little

give me a balloon when i’d cry
hug me when i fall
hold me tight when a friend said that am ugly betty, hihi

simple, isn’t it?

Dear God,

i hope ‘flip flop’ time in this afternoon becomes real

amin 🙂


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